Donnerstag, 19. März 2009

Designers Against Aids

Credits: Directed by Jozef Deville and Javier Barcala
Production assistant: Mark Douglas
Make up/Hair stylist: Vasko Todorof

Found this at Designers Against Aids...
I nearly forgot about him, but here he comes back again:
Mr. Gender-bender-beard-boy André J.
Love his fresh, trashy attitude and his humour...

And by the way: love the Parisian Vogue Cover (November 2007) with him wearing the blue womens' Burberry trench, cocktail ring and ancle boots...remember?

That was sooo great!

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sas hat gesagt…

ich liebe beagle! und du hattest mal einen? was geaschah mit ihm? wie hieß er/sie? einen liebsten gruß.