Dienstag, 27. Oktober 2009

We need new ...

Cat Boy, come rescue me!!!

Surviving Fight 2009 by french artist Cédric Bouvard, aka Virassamy


Infinitoblack marble, fragrance of tyre, 42 x 53 x 78 cm 2004

this is ultimate maleness.
so simple.
so strong.
and yet so elegant.
no doubt it’s all about the material.
unexpected marble.

Fabio Viale, a sculptor based in Turin, shows you how your expectations can go wrong.
Have a look.

Donnerstag, 22. Oktober 2009

It's a fashion WONDERLAND...

Hey guys, times've been busy the last months, so sorry for disappearing for so long...

Back again with a brilliant Fashion Film directed by Joost Vandebrug.
I had the pleasure assisting on this shoot.
Thanks, Way!

Enjoy the film and the magical fashion transformation!

Director - Joost Vandebrug
Fashion Editor - Way Perry
Hair - Chi Wong @ Jed Root using Kiehl's
Makeup - Adam De Cruz using Lancome men
Fashion Assistants - Chris Cook and Sascha Abel
model - Jose @ D1 models Music - easy snap