Montag, 23. Februar 2009

Kane's girls

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While reading this post on women’s fashion you may ask yourself why this blog’s named „Herren-Gedeck“.
I might give back that men who love fashion don’t make a difference. Or I might give back that Christopher Kane is worth making an exception. And yes, he really is…
His forthcoming Fall/Winter-Lady seems to have her very own approach to the rules of sexiness…

Her karma is a strong statement somewhere in between André Courrèges’ Space Age-girlishness with a mix of iridescent gold stripe patterns and black wave patterns on skirts and dresses. And as if that wasn't enough she combines these with boyish sweaters. No plunging necklines, no flittering fabrics. Her looks are constructed, partly ultra-geometric - but in a very psychedelic and Op-arty way sexy.
This modern Ladywoman is not that type of girl you’d take on a Chianti. She’d rather take you.

See the whole collection here.

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