Freitag, 24. April 2009

Boy's Paint

I always liked the idea of editorials working with both painting and photography.
What I pretty much like – no, let’s say love - about this fashion story is its subtle approach to fashion.
These boys are not just models wearing clothes. They are part of 17 beautiful paintings revealing how delicately fashion and art can go together.

You have a look at the pictures, study their colours, the arrangement of clothes, study what these boys wear and why. You may think of Manet, may think of Diego Velazquez, whatever – in the end you will end up remembering your on youth years ago.
And, how effortless you might have worn Comme des Garcons those days – if you could have afforded it.

German artist Christian Schoeler (based in Düsseldorf) did the artwork for this sensual editorial and worked closely together with Another Man’s Alister Mackie. See more of Christian’s paintings here.

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